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The British Psychoanalytical Society was founded in 1919 by Ernest Jones as a successor to the London Psychoanalytical Society, which was founded in 1913 (also by Jones) but later disbanded. The Institute of Psychoanalysis was established as the administrative arm of the Society in 1924. The BPAS was formally admitted to the International Psychoanalytical Association in 1920, when Jones was also elected president of the IPA.

The chronology below shows key dates in the history of psychoanalysis and the Society.

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1910International Psychoanalytical Association was founded.
30 Oct 1913London Psychoanalytical Society was formed.
20 Feb 1919British Psychoanalytical Society was founded.
1920International Journal of Psychoanalysis began publication.
1924Institute of Psychoanalysis was established to hold property and deal with financial and other matters concerning book publication.
1924International Psychoanalytical Press was founded jointly by the Hogarth Press and the IPA.
1924 - 1950The collected papers of Sigmund Freud was published in five volumes, with various volumes edited by Joan Riviere, Alix and James Strachey.
1925Property was purchased at 96 Gloucester Place as home of the Institute and Society.
1925Melanie Klein visited London to give a series of lectures. In 1926 she moved to London.
Oct 1925The first Training Committee was established, following an agreement at the Bad Homburg Congress in Germany in 1925. Ernest Jones, James Glover, John Rickman, J C Flugel and Douglas Bryan were elected to this committee.
1926The London Clinic of Psychoanalysis was established at Gloucester Place for the benefit of 'needy patients', through a gift from Pryns Hopkins, an American benefactor. John Rickman saw the first patient on Sigmund Freud's seventieth birthday, 6 May.
1926Formal training began.
1927 - 1929Ernest Jones and James Glover represented the Society on the British Medical Association's committee to investigate psychoanalysis. In the final report in 1929, the BMA recognised psycho-analysis as 'a serious branch of science'.
1929 - 1930Training in child psychoanalysis began.
1933The first émigrés arrived from Berlin, in flight from Nazi persecution.
1938Hitler invaded Austria; Ernest Jones played a major role in assisting the Freuds and other colleagues to escape from Vienna and obtain permission to enter Britain.
1939Celebration of the Jubilee of the Society.
23 Sep 1939Death of Sigmund Freud.
1941 - 1945The Controversial Discussions.
1944New constitution for the Society.
1946New training arrangements (the Gentleman's Agreement) with two parallel courses, A & B.
1947Ernest Jones started work on his biography of Sigmund Freud.
1948James Strachey began work on the English Standard Edition of Freud's works.
1951The Institute of Psychoanalysis moved to Mansfield House, New Cavendish Street, W1.
1952Anna Freud's Hampstead Clinic was founded, together with training in child psychotherapy.
1953 - 1974Publication of the English Standard Edition of Freud's works in 24 volumes, under the General Editor, James Strachey.
1953 - 1957Jones' biography of Freud was published in three volumes.
1956Freud Centenary celebrations.
11 Feb 1958Death of Ernest Jones.
22 Sep 1960Death of Melanie Klein.
1963Celebration of the Golden Jubilee of the Society.
1972Agreement between the Hampstead Clinic and the Institute to set up parallel training in child psychoanalysis under the auspices of the Clinic and to allow child psychotherapists trained at the Clinic to train as psychoanalysts.
1974Launch of the International Review of Psychoanalysis.
1982Pearl King elected as the first non-medical President.
9 Oct 1982Death of Anna Freud.

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