P04-D - Papers by other authors



Date Range1925? - c. 1956
Quantity1 box
ProvenanceJones, Alfred Ernest (1879-1958) neurologist and psychoanalyst

Level of description: Series
Language of materials: English, German

A set of manuscripts sent to Jones by Girindrasekhar Bose, plus various papers received from other authors.

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P04-D-01 Girindrasekhar Bose

Level of description: File
Language of materials: English

Typescripts of psychoanalytic and psychological works by the Indian psychoanalyst Girindrasekhar Bose, sent to Jones for possible publication (see letter dated 1945 in P04-C-B-09). Each item has been bound by hand; they have been corrected at various dates and numbers marked on the covers suggest that this is an incomplete set.

The papers are: A Theory of Mental Life (book of selected articles); The Genesis of Homosexuality; The Genesis and Adjustment of the Oedipus Wish; Psychological Study of Language (Second Communication) (co-authored with Durijendralal Ganguly); The Paranoid Ego; The Mechanism of Defiance; Nature of the Wish; Analysis of Wish; Pleasure in Wish; Sex and Anxiety; Is Perception an Illusion?; The Action of Benzedrine on the Body and the Mind.

Creator Jones, Alfred Ernest (1879-1958) neurologist and psychoanalyst
Date range 1925? - 1939?    Quantity 4 folders
Inventory Identifier P04-D-01 Box Number 51 Series P04-D
P04-D-02 Other authors

Level of description: File
Language of materials: English, German

William G Barrett, 'A hitherto unremarked error of Freud's', c1955; Ignacio Matte-Blanco, 'Expression in symbolic logic of the characteristics of the system ucs or the logic of the system ucs', 1956; L Takeo Doi, 'Some aspects of Japanese psychiatry', 1954; A A Glaz, 'Hamlet, or the tragedy of Shakespeare (a preliminary study)', c1950; Edward Hitschmann, autobiographical notes and the introduction to his book, Great Men, c1956; Leo Steinberger, 'The mission of David in the Palestinian area. Aberrant evolution from a priestly messenger into a politician', c1936; unidentified author, 'Zur menschlichen Grundhaltung, Psychologie und Technik der psychoanalytischen Therapie', apparently written for Jones' 75th birthday, 1954.

Creator Jones, Alfred Ernest (1879-1958) neurologist and psychoanalyst
Control G13/BD/013
Date range c. 1936 - c. 1956    Quantity 1 folder
Inventory Identifier P04-D-02 Box Number 51 Series P04-D

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