Series P02-D - Photographs
Level of description: Series
Language of materials: English

Date Rangec. 1886 - c. 1931
Quantity17 items
ProvenanceRiviere, Joan Hodgson (1883-1962) née Verrall, psychoanalyst

Photographs of Joan Rivere and family.

ArrangedPhotos of JR are arranged by the dates suggested by Athol Hughes in The Inner World and Joan Riviere. Two undated items are placed at the end, with the photos of Riviere's husband and sister.

Inventory Listing

P02-D-01 to 17 Photographs of Joan Riviere and family

Level of description: File
Language of materials: English

Photographs of Joan Riviere, including one with her father, Hugh Verrall, and another with her daughter, Diana Riviere. Also included are photographs of Riviere's husband Evelyn and her sister Molly. All items except three are original photographs.

Creator Riviere, Joan Hodgson (1883-1962) née Verrall, psychoanalyst
Control 09/12, 09/13, 09/14, 09/15, 09/16, 09/17, 09/18, 09/19, 09/20, 09/21, 09/22, 09/23, 09/24
Date range c. 1886 - c. 1931    Quantity 17 items
Inventory Identifier P02-D-01 to 17 Box Number PA09 Series P02-D

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